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T Mallard
Drawings, modern art in graphite/charcoal on paper.
Phoenix, Arizona
Modern art drawings in graphite, charcoal, pen&ink, brush&ink; a unique style of abstract expressionism.

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Faces Series


The Faces Series, This period of drawings began about a year ago so is now titled "A Year of Faces", with over 700-5x7 drawings and one-hundred of larger sizes, mostly 18x24's. All are originals on acid free, high quality drawing paper generally using graphite in the smaller sizes, charcoal for larger ones. from an online index of the first year's worth of 5x7's.

The series presents a show on it's own in the 5x7s; these can fill a number of rooms full of drawings. There are so many emotions and thoughts in viewing them, it's an experience to view even twenty at a time. Nearly all of the series is now in digital form, there are 636 being used as a show shot all at the same time. These viewed against previous styles from the '70s & '80s show recurring symbols and stylistic conventions. What changed over the series, at least to the artist, was that current drawings are richer in textures, more bold in signatures, and more consistant in technique.
The series started as an attempt at discovering how to put the complexity and energy of a person into a drawing. As with most intentional things it morph'ed into something involving how well they view from a distance, texturing, shading, themes, stylizations, contrasts. These all add their piece to produce complete drawings across the entire series.

The shading of one side of the face forces the eye to distinguish it as a separate person from the lighter, more profile view; this allegory is to humans being a mix of male and female, intellectual-vs-emotional traits, awareness, perceptions, levels of historical and social perceptions, along with some taint of Jung's archtypal symbolism in recurring themes; and of course more.
Most of this series has been drawn in public. This is where the energy and inspiration comes from, the different appearance, all from the people there or passing through. Vitality and energy are part of these drawings, they are expressions of the moment with abstract tendencies like the disassociation of the profile-vs-frontal view, and, to me an important part of why people respond to them as they do. 



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